-- Upcoming Tax Chat! on Race & Tax Administration -- 30 April 2024

Dear Friends,

In this issue of the Taxpayer Rights Digest, I want to bring to your attention to a new Tax Chat! series the Center for Taxpayer Rights is holding on Race & Tax Administration.  The series began on April 8th, and we have an upcoming Chat! on Tuesday, April 30th.

But before I discuss the Tax Chat! series, I want to remind you that registration is still open for the 9th International Conference on Taxpayer Rights.  It will be held from 04 June to 06 June, 2024, both in-person and online.  The host for this year’s conference is the DigiTax Centre at the University of Antwerp.  The theme is Toward a Digital Taxpayer Bill of Rights.  I’ve long maintained that taxpayer rights needs to be an equal partner in any tax administration modernization effort.  For far too long, the rights and protections of taxpayers have been treated as a second thought, or an add-on, to the primary focus of revenue collection and anti-abuse measures. And then people are surprised – shocked, even – when tax agencies overstep.  Thus the conference is an effort to move the focus on taxpayer rights to the forefront of the discussions of digital tax administration.

We’ve tried to make the 9th ICTR as accessible as possible – we have different registration fee levels for in-person/virtual, OECD/non-OECD countries, and students.  If you are in a time zone that conflicts with the actual live panels, we are committed to posting the recordings of the days’ sessions to all registrants by close of day, so you can stay current with the discussions.  If you are watching virtually, you will have the opportunity to post questions live for the panelists.

So that is the first program.  Now I am happy to announce a new Tax Chat! series – titled Race in Tax Administration:  How Issues of Racial Justice are Fundamental to a Rights-based Tax System.  This series, which consists of 4 free online sessions between April and May 2024, will explore how US Internal Revenue Service actions across all facets of tax administration may have a disparate impact on racial groups and consider how the IRS can reduce the disparity.

We’ve already had our first Tax Chat! – on Racialized Burdens Within Organizations: What are they, why does it matter, and how can they be alleviated.  This is a discussion of administrative burdens imposed by organizations, including governmental entities; such burdens include learning, compliance, and psychological costs.  Among other things, when these burdens become racialized, they can be used to control access to resources and ideas about racial groups in ways that typically disadvantage them. You can watch the video of and access materials for this Tax Chat! here.

We have our next Tax Chat! in the series on April 30, from 2:00 to 3:30 pm Eastern Time.  It is titled Race & Tax: Looking Beyond the Borders, and Tax Exempt Organizations.  Racial bias reflected throughout tax law is integral in understanding the ways that at times tax law has contributed to racial injustice. This panel will explore how racial bias has been a fundamental feature in international tax policy and consider how the Supreme Court’s latest views on race and affirmative action have potentially broad implications for considerations of tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3). We will also hear the on-the-ground perspective of a visionary leader on the challenges of creating and sustaining a Black-led tax exempt organization serving the community.

Moderator: Alice M. Thomas, Associate Professor, Howard University School of Law


— Malik Ahmed, Founder & former CEO, Better Family Life, Inc. , St. Louis, Missouri

— David A. Brennen, Frost, Brown & Todd Professor of Law, University of Kentucky Rosenberg College of Law

— Steven Dean, Professor of Law, Paul Siskind Research Scholar Boston University School of Law

Although this series is free, we need you to register so we can send you the zoom link.

You can learn more about the series, see the agenda, and access materials and videos of the Tax Chats! using the buttons below.

Hope to see you in Antwerp or online at the ICTR or at the Tax Chats!

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Nina E. Olson
Executive Director