9th International Conference on Taxpayer Rights Registration Now Open!

Dear Friends,

For our first Taxpayer Rights Digest of 2024, we are very excited to announce the opening of registration for the 9th International Conference on Taxpayer Rights.  The theme of this year’s conference is Toward a Digital Taxpayer Bill of Rights.  The conference will be held from 04 to 06 June, 2024, and is being hosted by the DigiTax Centre at the University of Antwerp, in Antwerp, Belgium.  The conference immediately precedes the annual congress of the European Association of Tax Law Professors, which is being held at the University of Antwerp from 06 to 08 June, 2024. 

You can learn more about and register for the conference here.  You can see the current agenda here.

Because the time zone may make it difficult for some virtual attendees to see some of the sessions in real time, we plan to send out a link to the “raw” recording of each days’ session to registered attendees at the close of each day.  That way virtual attendees can catch up on any live sessions they may have missed, before the next day’s panels.  (Just don’t give us grief about the hiccups and tech pauses in the recording; this will be an unedited version so we can quickly get it out to folks!)

Tax administrations have been working on automation and digitalization for quite some time now, on the theory that this approach makes taxation easier and more accurate for taxpayers, tax advisors, and tax administrators.  The adoption of data-mining, web-scraping, data/information exchanges, and artificial intelligence has only accelerated the digitalization of tax administration.

Digitalization, however, raises profound questions of transparency, access, literacy, due process, and discretion, not to mention the cultural changes for all the players in the tax ecosystem – taxpayers, tax advisors, tax agency workforce, legislators, and the judiciary.  This conference will explore these issues from the perspective of taxpayer rights.  Do traditional notions of taxpayer rights provide sufficient protections in a digitalized tax system?  Can they be modified to address the changing universe or do we need to reframe them?

The conference will posit these and other questions to the panels and roundtable discussions and will result in a series of position papers and recommendations for going forward.

Panels and roundtables include:

  • Free workshop on the challenges of a digitalized tax system for low income and un- and under-represented taxpayers;
  • Panels on the impact of digitalization on taxpayers’ rights to transparency, fair treatment, and human intervention; 
  • Panels and roundtables on the impact of digitalization on the tax agency and its workforce, on tax advisors, on legislators and legislation, and on the judiciary; and
  • An update on the IBFD Observatory on the Protection of Taxpayer Rights and current developments in case law.

As is our custom, we are providing a low-cost, online, live-streamed option for attending the conference, as well as discounts for virtual and in-person attendees from non-OECD countries.  There are also significant discounts for students to attend virtually.  And as noted above, we are holding a free workshop on the morning of 04 June 2024 with Tax Ombuds/Advocates/Clinics to discuss the challenges of a digitalized tax system for low income and un/underrepresented taxpayers.  All are welcome to attend this workshop, especially if you are interested in establishing a tax clinic or a tax ombud office.

We hope you will join us in Antwerp, either in-person or virtually.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@taxpayer-rights.org with any questions.  This really promises to be an excellent conference and a great forum to exchange ideas.

All the best,


Nina E. Olson
Executive Director