Giving Tuesday 2023 & an Update

Dear Friends,

It has been about six months since we sent out a newsletter, so no one can accuse us of littering people’s email boxes.  In our defense, we certainly haven’t been idle during this period.  And while I hate to have our first contact in a while be a request for donations, I’m actually using this Giving Tuesday email as an excuse to get myself back on track with communicating with our subscribers more regularly.

You already know the important work the Center for Taxpayer Rights has been doing, because you’ve subscribed to the Taxpayer Rights Digest, or you’ve attended our Tax Chats! on Transforming Tax Administration or our International Conference on Taxpayer Rights.  Before I give you a brief update on some of our most important activities going forward and over the past year, which we’ll cover more in-depth in future newsletters (I promise), let me cut right to the chase:


Your donations are more important than ever because they count as matching funds for the IRS Low Income Taxpayer Clinic grant.  The Center’s project, the LITC Support Center, is now a formal LITC – we’ve been awarded a grant of $143,000 for 2023 and for the annual maximum of $200,000 for 2024.  The Support Center is working on national initiatives with various Native American tribes, coalitions serving domestic violence survivors, incarcerated persons, and low income international taxpayers, to fill the gaps in pro bono representation.  And through LITC Connect, the “dating app” for LITCs, VITAs, and Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to request pro bono assistance for their clients, we are able to increase access to justice for these taxpayers while providing an avenue for attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents to serve the public good.

You’ve probably heard and even attended the online series of Tax Chats! on Transforming Tax Administration.  In this series of 14 Tax Chats! we have covered pretty much all aspects of tax administration in the US, from the perspective of how the IRS can be transformed given the Inflation Reduction Act funding.  We capped off this series with an in-person/zoom day-long conference at which IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel was keynote speaker.  We’ve posted the videos of the Tax Chats! to our series webpage here and we will upload the conference videos soon.  Really, these Tax Chats! are not to be missed.  The guests were so generous with their thoughts and time … it is almost a master class in tax administration.

Speaking of the Inflation Reduction Act, the Center submitted comments to the IRS on several topics, including the Strategic Operating Plan, Notice Prioritization, and IRC § 6751(b) supervisory approval of penalties.  We’ve also published a preliminary analysis of our State Taxpayer Rights survey results, which followed our 2022 Tax Chat! series on Reimagining Tax Administration: State Tax Practices & Taxpayer Rights.

We’re pleased to announce the dates for the 9th International Conference on Taxpayer Rights, which will be held from June 4 to 6, 2024, hosted by the Digitax Center at the University of Antwerp in Antwerp, Belgium.  The theme of this conference will be “Toward a Digital Taxpayer Bill of Rights.”  This is a really important issue and we are pulling together a great panel of folks to discuss what taxpayer rights mean in the context of digitalization of tax administration.  We plan to hold this conference both in-person and via zoom, although the time zone will be Central European.  We’ll be publishing the agenda later this month and opening registration at some point in January, so watch this space.

In future posts I’ll discuss some of our other initiatives, including our amicus briefs and our upcoming national survey of low income taxpayers.  But for now, let me close by thanking all of you for your past interest and support of the Center for Taxpayer Rights and for taxpayer rights in general.

And at the risk of repeating myself, we would appreciate your making a donation so we can continue our work.

All the best, 

Nina E. Olson
Executive Director