Join Us for the Last Tax Chat! of the Summer

Dear friends,

It’s been a while since we’ve sent out a newsletter, but we haven’t been idle.  As many of you know, we held our 5th International Conference on Taxpayer Rights at the end of May.  I think everyone found it very interesting, and we managed to make it through three days of zoom without too many mishaps.  We recorded all of the sessions, including the LITC Workshop, and eventually we will post them all, but first we will share them with the folks who registered for the conference.  Once of the nicest parts of the conference was to have a breakout room in between panels so folks could chat with one another.  It wasn’t a replacement for the conversations that occur during the coffee breaks at the in-person conference, but it still let people “see” one another informally.

For all the past conferences, we have held a final panel in which members of the Planning Committee, including myself, talk about each of the panels and what we’ve learned from them.  In the interest of not pushing people’s limits and adding another session to an already long day, we decided to hold that last panel as a Tax Chat!  This gives us the opportunity to also share more of the findings of the 2020 Report of the Observatory on the Protection of Taxpayer Rights(OPTR), which was issued in May of this year.

So …. Please join us on 22 June 2021 for conversation with Pasquale Pistone, Philip Baker, Katerina Perrou and myself.  Pasquale and Philip will discuss the OPTR report, and we will all chat about what we learned at the 5th ICTR.  Since this will be an informal chat, there will be lots of opportunities for authors of the various country report, attendees of the ICTR, and others to comment and share observations.

The Tax Chat! is scheduled for 22 June 2021 at noon EDT/17.00 BST/18.00 CEST.  You can check your local time here.  As usual, the Tax Chat! is free but you need to register to receive the zoom link. 

This will be the last Tax Chat! for the summer – we will resume our Tax Chats! In September.  There are lots of developments coming up, though, including the launching of the LITC Support Center website, and news about the 6th International Conference on Taxpayer Rights in October.  So please keep an eye out for future newsletters.

In the meantime, please stay safe and take care as we begin to resume public life.

All the best,


Nina E. Olson
Executive Director